Your new home along the Gulf Coast is clearly the best place to settle down and enjoy life. However, you will also need to adapt to life on the coast and make sure that you know how to protect your home from….. saltwater. The sun can fade paint and the effects from saltwater can chip paint, prematurely wear pipes, doors, and windows, and more. Not quite sure what you should be doing? Here are some tips to help you get the protection that actually makes a difference!

Protecting your Gulf Coast home from saltwater

Buy a power washer

Every few months, using a power washer will help get a lot of salt and sand off of your home, and belongings.  It will be one of the best preventative measures you can have when protecting your home long-term. You can find several options to help you effectively clean your home without causing damage or costing an arm and a leg for a rental or your 1st or 2nd home.

Have proper paint sealants

Depending on what you use to paint or finish the exterior of your home, patio or the like, be sure to invest in proper sealants. This could be a top coat to your paint, wood sealants or extra sealant around the openings for the doors and windows, etc. These should all be designed for a saltwater environment so that they’re designed to hold up to the constant assault. (no pun intended)

In some cases, you can even buy paints that are intended for saltwater locations. They will have a built-in coating that you can then cover with a product on top of that to prevent chipping and fading throughout the season (along with power washing)

Don’t forget your plumbing

Sure, your siding and exterior doors/windows are crucial to protect. But don’t forget about your plumbing! Copper pipes, which are still widely used, are most susceptible to corrosion from saltwater, and they will need protection!  PVC is popular too and can’t hurt to clean them as well.  The first thing to do is wipe it down when you see saltwater building up. This is super convenient in places like Sargent and beach front homes as the plumbing is easy to get to under the homes, in most places. Signs include brown or red water in your outflow. You will most likely need a plumber to come in and replace those copper pipes that are corroded.

One of the best things to do, if possible, is to replace the copper with PVC. This will be the least likely to rust and will be a lot more durable as far as the weather is concerned! But don’t think they can’t be touched… take the extra time to clean them up.

Need more help? As your real estate professional!

It sounds so simple, but you’d be surprised how many people simply overlook their real estate agent. When they are local to the area, they know all of the tips and tricks that will be so important to make sure that you get the proper feedback that works in your new home. They also will know great places to go when it comes to looking for specific products and services.

The right help will make a huge difference when enjoying your home and keeping it looking fresh and new, even along the coast with the sand and saltwater that can cause chaos!

So contact Gulf Coast Star Realty if you are looking to buy, sell, need help with a home inspection, some tips for staging and more. We are here for you! Call (979) 244-5353 with any questions.