You’ve spent a lot of time and money getting your home to its current state. It’s a beautiful thing, and you should be proud of it! However, you also need to make sure that your home really is as beautiful as it looks. Let us explain.

Home inspections

Cosmetics are only part of the equation

Your home may be gorgeous, but that’s only part of it! You need to make sure that you look beyond the paint color and the pillows and see what’s going on in the actual structure of the home. A home inspector will be able to take a look at the “nuts and bolts” of your home in all of the common problem areas and make sure that your home is as great as it looks!

When a professional comes in and inspects your home, you can expect them to take a look at all of the most common and most important problem areas.  For example, they’ll check your windows and exterior doors for drafts. They’ll also check for plumbing leaks and condensation build-ups in crawl spaces, and more. They’ll check for signs of mold and roof damage, etc. These are all crucial for the health and safety of your home, so an inspection is important! Better to know that there’s a problem before it becomes a problem, after all.

When should I get a home inspector?

Many people think that they only get their home inspected if they are looking to list it to sell, but this is incorrect. First, you need to get a home inspection when you are buying a home but think of a home inspection as more of a higher power of regular maintenance.  As noted, a home inspection is a great idea, even if you have no intention of ever listing your home. An inspection will let you know that you’ve got a problem that is often a secret until an experienced professional takes a look at it. After all, that’s what will cause an otherwise okay home sale to fall through on a home, right? An inspection that turns up hidden issues or only looks good on the surface.

Be careful in your search

When you are getting your home inspected, don’t just go with anyone off the street. Professional home inspectors will have licenses, certifications, and testimonials. It’s important to get someone who is actually professionally trained at knowing what you need to worry about when it comes to the possibility of your home, right? When you are buying a house, you don’t want to rely on the good faith of the seller but of some third party who doesn’t have a vested interest in the purchase of that home.

If you need someone to help you with your search, then check with your local real estate agent. They will be more than happy to recommend someone, and you can bet that they’ll be as professional as your real estate agent.

While home inspections aren’t required , they are seriously in your best interest. They’ll alert you to any potential issues before they become too expensive, and they’ll also help you know what you’re dealing with if you are considering listing your home to sell it. Sometimes it can even help make potential buyers feel better knowing that you’ve taken the initiative to get an inspection done, on a regular basis and fix up your home often too.  Oh, wouldn’t that be amazing?

Regardless of the reason that motivates you most, you’ll find that a home inspection makes sense from multiple points of view. All that’s left now is hiring the right real estate agent or home inspector/professional to help you out!  Contact Gulf Coast Star Realty today at (979) 244-5353 to get started with finding your next dream house, vacation home, lot for your RV or to build, and more!