The holidays should always be a joyous time filled with laughter and light.  Whether you celebrate traditionally or just enjoy the general spirit of the holidays themselves, keeping that Sargent beach haven secure is going to be a crucial part of making sure that your season says merry and bright!  Here are some great tips to help you protect your home while you are away.

Protect your home while you are away

Let your neighbor or friend know you’re heading out

If you’re gone for a few nights, let your friend or neighbor know so that your home is protected with the watchful eye of someone you trust.  Whether you know them well, or they’re just a “hi, how are you” neighbor, most will agree to generally keep an eye out for anything dangerous or suspicious (especially since it impacts them too).  Of course, return the favor for them if they ever ask!  It’s also a great way to build a relationship with them.

Use smart timers for lights

Have your lights on timers if you are worried about burglars learning your routines or figuring out that you are gone.  You can get no shortage of options for your smart bulbs and outlets these days, and they really can do a lot to deter those looking for an easy target.  Plus, setting them all up on schedules cant be kind of fun…

Be parcel-smartBe sure your home and packages are safe during the holidays

Ideally, you shouldn’t be ordering things when you know you will be gone, but things happen, we get it.   So, if you did order and are worried about being away when a package arrives, consider something like a safe parcel drop-off, put a stop mail with the Post Office or get a private mailbox at your local mail stop.  Porch bandits are more of a thing now than ever, and it means that homeowners need to get smarter where the packages are put while they are gone.  If you have a good relationship with your neighbor, ask them to accept the package for you.  You can also return the favor when it’s needed.

Decorate carefully

Many people forget about their external decorations when they go away for the holidays.  Their blow-up decorations are still up. Their lights are still on timers, etc.  While these are fine when you are there to watch them, it’s not so great when you are gone for several days on end.  Decorate with travel plans in mind, or turn off the external decorations just to be extra careful… and to save on electricity and mishaps.

BONUS: Ask your realtor

A local realtor is, well, local.  That means that they’re going to know the most common issues with your neighborhood.  Since there is no such thing as having too much information, reach out to your realtor and ask them for some tips or suggestions so that you know you’ve got “on the ground” advice that will help you get even more protection put to use.

No one wants to ever have a holiday trip end in disaster upon returning home, so make sure that you take the time to think carefully about your time away and prepare your space for ultimate protection.  It could just be the best gift you ever get, even if it’s not going to feel that way.  All it takes is one bad experience for you to see its value!