Prior to 1991 the rates of erosion on Sargent Beach were so rapid that it was a matter of when, not if, the Gulf of Mexico would breach the Gulf Intercoastal Waterway thus shutting down this vital waterway to the interstate barge traffic. With the billions of dollars in commerce generated from traffic in the GIWW, it could have been devastating to the entire country.

During 1991 President Bush set aside funds for a feasibility study to determine what action to take. One option was to relocate the GIWW inland through the San Bernard Wildlife Refuge. The other was to build this “one of a kind” revetment wall on Sargent Beach.

The result was an 8-mile long, 30-ft deep granite revetment wall constructed with a limestone base. The granite rocks used in the construction weighed an average of 5 tons each. In the end there were some 82,000 of these laid into the structure. Additionally, a concrete sheet pile was driven along a section of the wall then capped in concrete to prevent any movement.

This project not only saved the GIWW but now also protects this little-known beach and homes from the inevitable erosion that occurs in coastal areas. Sargent’s revetment wall will preserve this valuable beachfront property which is now probably the most affordable beachfront property in the country. Because this property is no longer under the threat of eroding away, it also has the highest potential for value appreciation.

Sargent Beach has the only residential beachfront property in Texas that is protected by such a seawall and can boast that our beachfront property is here to stay, other coastal areas are not so fortunate. It is a great example of how government, with coordinated and cooperative efforts, can actually accomplish significant objectives for the country. And in this case benefit a small community as well.

In September 2001, a law was passed that allows homes on Sargent Beach to be built seaward of the vegetation line as long as the property is between the revetment wall and the GIWW. This law is very specific and applies only to Sargent Beach. It does not apply to any other part of the Texas Coast.

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