Being snuggled up in your Sargent home is going to be a gift in and of itself this year, and you’ll want to get everything just perfect when looking at having a happy holiday season.  Want to make sure that it stays happy?  You’ll need to factor in some safety details and focus points so that you can enjoy everything to the fullest.

Safety around your home for the holidays

Fire is a serious risk around the holidays

Even with high-quality Christmas lights and so-called “fire-resistant” materials, there is still an increased risk of fire over the holidays.  From fireplaces decorated with stockings and garland to candles on the coffee table, fire and its risk are just about everywhere.  Be careful when putting it into your plans, and never, ever leave it unattended.

Replace any frayed electrical cords

We all tend to use extension cords and strands of lights when decorating, but you’re going to want to be very careful in what you trust.  Anything that looks old, has any weaknesses, or is frayed, toss it.  Don’t even consider putting it in place with your decorations since its risk will never be worth the price of a brand new replacement.

Keep an eye on your stove/oven when entertaining

Many of us want to settle in and enjoy a wonderful party with loved ones, even when the oven or stove is on.  Make sure that you can see the stove and check on it regularly.  Not only will you end up burning whatever it is that you’re cooking, but you’ll put your home at risk of a fire much easier than you realize!

If worst comes to worst, bring the whole party into the kitchen so that everyone can be a part of the event without putting the food or cookies at risk!  It won’t be as awkward as you’re thinking, and everyone will enjoy the event all the same.

Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

A fire is awful, of course.  However, a fire that ends up in injury or death is worse.  Make sure that both your smoke and your carbon monoxide detectors have fresh batteries and that they work.  Most will have a test button, so you’re going to want to make sure that you use it to check for any faulty devices.

Need more advice?  Ask your real estate agent

If this is your first Christmas season in your new home, ask your real estate agent for some tips!  They can offer you advice on protecting your home from environmental issues, but also offer some advice on those things like potential robberies or porch bandits.  They know the neighborhood well and will be able to offer targeted advice that you won’t get from a brochure!

Your home is your haven, and you want to make sure that you keep it as safe and as secure as possible.  These tips will help you do just that so that everyone’s holiday is as happy and as merry as possible!  That’s what this time of year is all about, after all.

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