No one wants to have their house sit on the market for months and months.  That’s why making sure that you’ve got the right look to appeal to buyers is going to be so important!  Amongst the leading features is going to be curb appeal.  Does your home have it?  Let’s take a look.

What actually is curb appeal, anyway?

This is one of those terms that a lot of people use without knowing fully what it is.  Curb appeal focuses on the features that make your home look modern and inviting to those who have never seen it before.

Many say that the priorities should be: cleanliness, color, TLC, and contrast.  When you focus on these in the right combination, your home will look incredible, even to you, who’s used to seeing it every day!

Why should I focus on curb appeal?

Curb appeal helps the potential buyer understand that this is a safe, modern, and well-cared-for place to buy.  When they see that you’ve taken such care of the outside (and the inside, once they get there), they can see that your home is a steal and it can invite them to make an offer.

Curb appeal, essentially, helps put the buyer at ease and shows them that there is no trickery or mystery around the price. Or other details that they will have to fix up later – like grow grass or get it cut back, trim trees and shrubs, plant flowers, add new mulch, fix sidewalk, stain the driveway… you get the idea.  A home with no curb appeal doesn’t necessarily deter a buyer, but it won’t encourage them to make an offer, either.

What can I do to help maximize my home’s curb appeal?

If you want to do your part in adding some professionalism to your home’s curb appeal, here are a few cost-effective yet very helpful tips to do just that!

Clean your home’s exterior

Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or just a run down with a power washer, clean your home’s exterior, including the porch and driveway.  A clean house looks more inviting and well-cared-for.  Not to mention it’s a great first impression of what’s waiting inside!

Add a potted plant or two

Consider plants – in window boxes, a small garden, or just a potted plant on your stoop, signs of life are great!  It could be some bright flowers, or even just a fern or other leafy plant.  Add it where the eye will notice it right away.

Update lawn furniture

Either get rid of outdated furniture that actually brings your curb appeal down, or invest in a few little pieces that will offer up a beautiful overall effect to your front porch, lawn, etc.  It can help the place look more welcoming, too, because it shows that you actually use, and enjoy your outside space. This is especially important here in Sargent, as the Gulf Coast is right out most of our homes’ back or front door. This is why folks move or buy a vacation home in Sargent, to get away, to enjoy the salty beach life, to fish and just enjoy the outside.

When in doubt, ask your real estate agent

If you aren’t sure where to start, or what details you want to focus on for your property’s curb appeal, in particular, you’ll want to ask your real estate agent!  They’ll offer up some great you-focused advice to help your home pop — in a good way.

You DO have a real estate agent, right?  Still looking for one? Don’t worry, here are some great tips to help you choose a real estate agent! Or just contact Gulf Coast Star Realty as Sargent is our home too and we’d love to help you sell or buy a home here!

Your home’s first impression starts with the right approach to curb appeal.  If you want a fast sale, make this a focus point.  It doesn’t need to be a big renovation — the beauty is in the details!

Whether you need helping buying or selling your home, need help finding the right real estate agent or the like, Gulf Coast Start Realty is your choice for Sargent real estate. Check out our other listings here.