Your home is, well, your home.  If you are looking to sell it, it’s understandable that you want to take a personalized and just-right approach.  However, trying to take a DIY approach by going with a for sale by owner (FSBO) angle may not help you in the long run.  Real estate agents are still very relevant and necessary in our modern-day world, and here are some of the best reasons as to why!

Why real estate professionals are necessary

Buyer real estate professionals may not consider your home

Harsh, but true.  Real estate agents looking to bring interested buyers to great homes don’t often trust the wild card that is an FSBO home.  It could be the most beautiful and perfect match out there, but many often see it as being too much of a risk when it comes to their client.

Similarly, a home agent who is showing your home is going to have access to bigger channels and options than you will.  They’re experts in the art of selling your home, after all, that means connections right where you want and need to have them!

Keeps the emotion out of ita real estate agent can help sell your home - don't FSBO

There’s no question that selling your home is going to be an emotional process, especially when it comes down to complaints or price negotiations.  It gets emotional, fast for those who take a DIY approach to it.  Protect yourself by making sure that there is an agent there to help you handle it all and keep the sale focused on the facts!

The thing is, your home is never going to be totally perfect for the person who is looking at that.  Since your home is precious to you and you often don’t see its flaws because you love it so much, having a middleman to help you see its flaws and problems for you is going to help you get the right sale without getting involved.


Real estate agents go through formal training and certification to sell a home.  This means that they also take on the legal implications in case any were to pop up (for example disclosures by the seller or buyer, fraud, breach of contract, etc).  That’s a whole nightmare in and of itself, so make sure that a real estate agent helps lead the way through it!

The bottom line

Sure, it sounds impersonal to list your home with a real estate specialist and to pay them a commission for doing something so “easy”.  Realistically, though, selling a home takes a lot of time, know-how, patience, effort, and stress.  Real estate professionals make their commission for all that work, the liabilities and taking on the stress, so you don’t have to.

While it’s certainly tempting to at least consider a DIY approach to home selling, the reality is going to be that working with a professionally trained and carefully chosen real estate agent is still your best call!  The key, then, becomes knowing how to choose just the right one for your home!

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