So, you’ve decided to put your home on the market and are looking for a great way to really make sure that you get what you want for it, price-wise, and that you sell it quickly. Those are both great goals, and totally achievable with the right advice to help you out.  One of the best tips to help you out is going to be staging your home.

What is the value of staging?

The best way to see the true understanding of why staging matters is by taking a look at just what it does for anyone who enters your space and considers it, even for a moment.

It helps them see themselves living in it

Buyers want to know that they’re going to enjoy living in your space.  When it’s staged by professionals and made to look “just so”, it actually helps them see that better so that they can really see how their own furniture and accessories are going to look in the space.

It shows that you care for your home

When a home is staged, it also accentuates how clean and organized you are (even if you aren’t).  This will help potential buyers to see for themselves just what good care you take of the home!  It’s great when you’re looking at the idea of welcoming the potential buyer, too.

It’ll “show” better

This is probably a little obvious, but important!  If your home has a few flaws (for example, the bedrooms are small, or the flooring is outdated), having it staged will help accentuate the pros and downplay the cons.  It’s going to help buyers notice what you want them to notice!

It can make your home look bigger

Even if your home is already sized generously, staging will help add extra brightness and size to it, which is never going to be a bad thing when it comes to getting the price you want!

Does staging really make the difference?

Absolutely.  Do you need to stage your home?  No, technically not.  But if you don’t then you just cut your potential for a good price down a bit.  Empty homes look outdated and smaller automatically, even if everything in them is modern and large.  The human eye needs to see rooms occupied with furniture and personal touches to understand how they are going to fit into it.

An un-staged home, statistically, will sell for less than a staged home, and it’ll also take longer to sell mostly because it just won’t look appealing to buyers who are waiting to be impressed.

Not sure where to turn for a professional stager, but know you want one?  There is no better professional than your real estate agent to help give you a shortlist of options that will help you make your house pop.

If you’re ready to enjoy the entire concept of selling your home, staging is going to be one of the best things that you can do.  Plus, it’ll give your home that little extra sparkle that will make the difference you’re hunting for.

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