Finding some tips for keeping mosquitos away often feels like a game of whack-a-mole (better than whack your arm or leg).  If you want solutions that are actually going to help nip the problem in the bud, here are some a little less common ways to help make the difference: more naturally.  Yes, seriously.  Relying on natural mosquito repellents will help them at bay for longer because you can maintain them, and they aren’t a pain!  Here are some of the top suggestions.

Natural mosquito repellents

We all know about citronella plants and candles and of course sprays that often have chemicals, but let’s look at some plants that will not only make your curb appeal nicer but help keep those bugs at bay.


A favorite for cooking, basil is a great mosquito repellent.  For best results, plant it around any kind of water barrier around your home, as this is where mosquitoes will lay their eggs.  Obviously we aren’t talking about the intracoastal waterway you live on, but those areas that tend to gather more water, or heck, around your porch too! You’ll want to plant this liberally around any potential source of water so that you can keep their breeding grounds on someone else’s property, unless you really like those neighbors!  LOL  Plus, you’ll never have to buy basil ever again!  Score!


Containing nepetalactone, which mosquitoes hate, catnip is one of the best choices for helping keep these pests away from your home.  This grows easily and can quickly take over your property if that’s the approach that you want to take.  Keep the amount that you have in mind, though, as it can attract cats to your property! And we know what cats might do in your yard too! However, this can also take care of other pests such as creepy crawlies and mice!  So, pick your battle here.

Lavenderyou don't have to be frustrated with mosquitos, learn how to keep them away with plants

Who doesn’t love the scent of lavender?  You can enjoy this in planters or in its native bush form.  It will help you to enjoy a soothing, calming scent all season long, and it will also push those mosquitoes back!  Great for those who enjoy gardening, too, since this is a popular favorite for its relaxing vibe.


A popular choice in baking and tea, amongst other things, peppermint is also going to help push back those mosquitoes with its crisp scent.  You can grow this easily around your home’s perimeter, and you can also spread it in window boxes and in its oil form around your home’s entry points to make sure that mosquitos, as well as other creepy crawlies, stay outside your home.  Great for helping you enjoy fresh peppermint whenever you need it, too.

Need more help?  As your real estate agent

Often, the right support is going to be closer than you think.  When hunting specifically for support that is accurate for our local neighborhood, your real estate agent can be great support!  As professionals in the business, they are going to be as educated as you’d hope in the various expectations and needs within that environment.  What does that mean in your hunt against the mosquitos?  Accurate and helpful advice that actually works, like this article!

If you’re tired of dealing with these biting pests and their frustrating impacts on enjoying your outdoor space, these tips are going to help you claim your backyard again without putting your family members or pets at risk from chemicals or other harsh agents.  Plus, having these plants in place will also boost your curb appeal and give you the added bonus of having your very own homegrown herbs, spices, and general plants that will help you explore gardening with a purpose!  What else could you ask for?

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