Whether you live near the Sargent, Texas area or you’re a visitor, you may just find yourself near a body of water.  Are you familiar with how to manage safety?  Do you know what the risks are and where you will find them?  If you want a refresher, just in case, here’s what you need to know!

Safety near the beach or bodies of water is paramount

When we are enjoying our home or vacation home, we are relaxed.  This relaxation is much-needed, of course, but it can lead to a lapse in judgment.  These tips will help you to keep water safety top of mind even as you are relaxing and enjoying your space.

Everyone should know CPR

CPR can be a literal life-saving skill.  Make learning CPR a requirement for everyone who is old enough to do so.  Make re-education a yearly thing so that everyone can know what to do in a situation where they are the only ones close enough to help.  This is a great idea anywhere, but especially for those living or vacationing near any sort of bodies water.

Prioritize swimming and lifeguard lessons

Everyone should learn how to swim and be confident in their ability to do so.  Those who are able and interested in doing so should attend lifeguard lessons and training!  It will help them to learn just what to do and how to keep an eye on those around them at the same time.  This is a great choice for those responsible older kids or adults that want to keep an eye on everything.

Don’t blend alcohol with water

It’s normal to want to relax and “crack open a cool one,” but never do it when you are spending time around or on the water.  You’ll want to focus on the idea of staying clear-minded and ensuring that your reflexes are as fast as you need them to be.  Again, it could be a matter of life or death for yourself or someone else around you!

Always supervise children (and others)

Never leave children to their own devices around water.  If you must go inside, bring out another adult or responsible teen to watch them while you are gone.  Drowning and other water-related issues can happen in a matter of seconds, and you’ll want to ensure that someone responsible is nearby if the need should ever arise!  Don’t think that adults or teens can’t drown either, rip current when in the ocean is a real thing so always keep a watchful eye on those in the water.

Make life jackets a priority for everyone

No one wants to wear life jackets, especially around something as “safe” as a canal, but they are recommended for a reason.  Make life jackets a priority for everyone, especially little ones who can go under in a split second. We all know the water in the Galveston Bay is murky and trying to find them could take valuable seconds needed to rescue them. When boating or in general, encourage everyone to pick life jackets that they actually want to wear! Just like any other safety gear, they’re more likely to wear something that they enjoy the look and feel of!

Water is a great adventure, but it can also be a great danger.  These tips will help you to mediate the risk as much as possible and ensure that you’ll be able to focus on keeping yourself and your loved ones safe while still taking on the great sights in the Sargent area!  Need more advice?  A local real estate agent is a great professional to ask!

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